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As the summer season approaches and leisure travel picks up, it’s essential for properties to optimize their revenue potential through ancillary services. However, with a limited labor force available, leveraging the right technology becomes paramount in maximizing profitability. This holds especially true for independent operators who must carefully assess their property’s unique characteristics. Different guest […]

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In the fast-paced world of hotels, technology plays a crucial role in providing an exceptional guest experience. To ensure effective utilization of your investment, there are five key points to consider. First, evaluate your tech stack to determine if it eliminates tasks and creates time savings rather than becoming a burden. Second, leverage technology to […]

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In the fast-paced world of hospitality, finding the right Property Management System (PMS) partner can make all the difference in a hotel’s operational success. A recent video highlights the transformative power of combining the right PMS partner with Open APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to elevate a hotel’s operations. By choosing a PMS partner that offers […]

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Canary Technologies and Maestro PMS have joined forces to offer hoteliers a comprehensive solution to meet the changing needs of guests and address operational challenges. This collaboration brings together the expertise of both companies and allows for a seamless integration between their systems. With this integration, Maestro PMS customers gain access to Canary’s guest management […]

Conducting Conversations

process innovation in hospitality
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At a time when customer preferences are constantly shifting, process innovation in hospitality must streamline operations and create bespoke guest experiences. From the ease of mobile check-ins to the emergence of virtual concierges, hotels are embracing a tech-forward approach. Amidst this wave of change, there’s a buzz of conversations around ethical AI applications, exploring […]

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In the latest episode of Conducting Conversations, Warren Dehan, President of Maestro PMS, and Craig Shoffit, Area Manager for IDeaS, came together to discuss the significance of revenue management and strategy in the hospitality industry. Their partnership has proven to be a game-changer for independent hotels, as they explored how the integration of Maestro PMS […]