Technology and Education at a Crossroads: Tech Creates Jobs, But Can Education Keep Up? Time to Reform

March 19, 2024
Greg Crumpton


In an era where technological advancement shapes the contours of our daily lives, understanding the interplay between digital infrastructure and education becomes pivotal. The recent episode of Straight Outta Crumpton illuminates this critical junction, offering insights into how technology and education can serve as catalysts for societal transformation.

Hosted by Gabby Bar and Greg Crumpton, the episode welcomes Nabeel Mahmood, the Managing Director of Nomad Futurist, for a comprehensive discussion that spans personal narratives, career evolution, and the visionary work of the Nomad Futurist Foundation. The conversation reveals how Mahmoud’s transition from a potential athletic career to a tech visionary was not just a tale of personal resilience but also a testament to the transformative power of technology and education.

The discussion also ventures into the broader implications of technological advancements, such as AI, on society and the workforce. Mahmoud’s perspective on “actionable intelligence” rather than artificial intelligence, and the necessity for a human-centric approach to technology adoption, invites listeners to reconsider the relationship between human and machine intelligence. Furthermore, his call for a reformation in education, emphasizing exposure, experience, and adaptability over traditional metrics, resonates with a growing consensus on the need to align educational frameworks with the realities of the 21st century.

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