Alliance Air Products Utilizes Powerful Cooling Technology to Beat the Tijuana Heat

July 7, 2023


In the sweltering heat of Tijuana summers, where temperatures often soar into the nineties and beyond, powerful cooling technology comes to the rescue to provide a comfortable working environment. Alliance Air Products, a versatile manufacturer of custom air handlers, recognized its need to provide a cooling solution for its Tijuana workers.

Alliance’s products, which generate a range of air conditions from cold to hot, dry to humid, cater to various industries, from hospitals and data centers to schools and small office buildings. This broad market reach is a testament to their adaptability and customer-centric approach.

“We don’t specialize in one specific market,” George Paiche, Director of Sales for Alliance Air Products, said. “I think that’s what makes Alliance Air products so unique because we’re able to accommodate pretty much all of our customer requirements out there.”

Alliance’s commitment to comfort extends beyond its product line, as evidenced by its partnership with Portacool. This collaboration, born out of a chance encounter at a trade show in Georgia, has resulted in implementing powerful cooling technology systems within their factory, ensuring their employees remain productive even in the height of summer.

“They’ve got great technology, they care about the environment, and they care about energy consumption,” Paiche said. “We use their evaporative media for a lot of the projects we do that need ‘cooling only’ type of solutions.”

Article by James Kent

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