Surviving the Summer Heat in Industrial Settings

June 11, 2022


With the summer season well underway, people are experiencing the heat in full force. The sweltering temperatures can be particularly challenging for those working in industrial settings, where heavy machinery and large vehicles can generate additional heat.

One such setting is the Heavy Duty Fleet Shop, where high-volume vehicles are transferred on a daily basis. The building itself is an older one, which means it does not have the same level of insulation and air conditioning as newer structures. As a result, the temperature inside the shop can be stifling, making it challenging for workers to stay productive and safe.

To combat this issue, the team has turned to Portacool, a product designed to cool large spaces like garages, factories, and warehouses. By utilizing evaporative cooling technology, Portacool is able to lower the temperature, creating a comfortable and safe work environment.

So, whether you are working in a Heavy Duty Fleet Shop, a factory, or any other industrial setting, it is important to stay cool and safe during the summer months. With Portacool, you can do just that. Say goodbye to the stifling heat and hello to a more comfortable and productive work environment.


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