Warehouse Theft Is Rising. How to Reduce Potential Threats With Physical Security

Physical security is as important as ever with the continuously growing threats that plague warehouses, distribution centers, and fufillment centers. Stats indicate that the incidence of warehouse theft has increased worldwide over the past two years with over 40% of respondents to a national survey saying that their warehouse has experienced theft in 2020.

It’s critical to reduce potential threats with preemptive security measures that will actively engage your facility.

Jamie Rutherford, the director of sales and supply chain at Vector Security Network focuses on familiarizing logistics companies with the security company’s new Supply Chain division at the ISCPO 2023 Conference. 

Vector Security Network provides a range of electronic security solutions for businesses, warehouses, fulfilment centers, distribution centers. and logistics companies of all sizes, from small retail stores to large sprawling warehouses.

They offer customized intrusion detection solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs of a business. These systems use a combination of sensors, motion detectors, and video surveillance to detect any unauthorized entry into business premises. 

Access control systems use advanced technology such as biometric scanners, card readers, and keyless entry to restrict access to sensitive areas of business premises. This helps to improve security, prevent theft, or damage, and protect valuable assets.

Vector Security Network provides high-quality video surveillance systems that can be monitored remotely. These systems use advanced analytics to detect any suspicious behavior or activities at fulfilment centers or warehouses, helping to deter criminal activity and prevent loss or damage throughout the supply chain

Supply Chain at Vector Security Network also provides fire detection solutions that can detect smoke, heat, and other signs of fire. These systems can be integrated with sprinkler systems and alarms to help prevent fires from spreading and minimize damage. 

Environmental monitoring solutions can detect changes in temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors that could pose a risk to business premises. This helps to prevent damage to sensitive equipment or materials and ensure optimal conditions for operations.

Jamie’s thoughts: 

Jamie discusses the many innovations being offered by Vector Security Network that focus on warehouses, fulfillment centers, and distribution centers to ensure the ongoing safety of the entire supply chain. 

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