How Fire Detection and Safety Technology is Evolving to Provide Peace of Mind to the Residential Community

July 9, 2024


The evolution of fire detection and safety technology is not just a luxury but a necessity. With modern homes built with materials that can burn faster than those of the past, the stakes are higher than ever. Research shows that 60% of home fires are due to human error, and 40% of people believe they are more likely to win the lottery than experience a home fire, despite fires being the most common disaster in U.S. homes.

How is fire detection technology adapting to provide better safety and peace of mind in residential settings?

On Pro AV Today, host Ben Thomas talks with Isis Wu, The President of Global Residential Fire and Safety at Carrier, about the latest advancements in fire detection technology and their implications for residential safety. The conversation highlights:

  • Current State and Consumer Perception: Many people don’t think about fire safety until it’s too late. There’s a significant gap between the perceived and actual risk of home fires.
  • Technological Advancements: New products feature enhanced sensing technology that reduces false alarms, detects various types of fires more accurately, and offers faster response times.
  • Consumer Education and Adoption: The importance of proper installation and maintenance of fire safety devices, including the integration of smart technology to enhance user experience and safety.

Isis Wu, the president of global residential fire and safety at Carrier, leads the development and implementation of advanced fire safety technologies. With a background in engineering and extensive experience in the safety and security industry, Wu is a recognized leader in promoting residential fire safety and innovative detection solutions.

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