Harnessing Technology for a Brighter Future: Insights from Nabeel Mahmood

March 26, 2024
Greg Crumpton


Harnessing technology for a brighter future: is this an aspirational goal, or are there ways to leverage the rapid advancements in technology to create a more inclusive and educated society?

In this episode of Straight Outta Crumpton, hosts Greg Crumpton and Gabrielle Bar get to the heart of this question with their guest, Nabeel Mahmood, the Managing Director at Nomad Futurist. Mahmood, a visionary in technology and education, shares his journey and insights, emphasizing the need for a paradigm shift in how society approaches learning and technology integration.

“The challenge we’ve got on a go-forward basis is that AI is not just for getting smarter,” Mahmood said. “The human intelligence is getting dumber. So, we need to educate people to make sure that they’re smart enough to make the right decisions, and that only comes with knowledge.” This statement highlights the urgency of adapting educational systems and societal attitudes toward technology to harness its full potential for the greater good.

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