A 90 Second Review of the Sennheiser Profile USB Mic

The Sennheiser Profile USB Mic is the audio titan’s latest foray into “plug and play” microphones. With both a loaded feature set and an aggressive price point, the Profile USB Mic aims to elevate standard content creation setups. Does it live up to the hype? Check out my thoughts below:




Features at a glance…

  • USB-C powered (MacOS/iPadOS/Windows/Android)
  • Cardioid condenser capsule for professional sound and off-axis rejection
  • Adjustable tilt function with self-locking joint for optimal positioning
  • Soft-touch mute button with LED ring to indicate when engaged
  • Gain control with LED ring to indicate power and audio clipping
  • Mix control for balancing microphone and device level
  • 3.5 mm headphone output for audio monitoring
  • Headphone volume control
  • Robust metal housing and premium finish
  • Profile includes microphone, table stand, and 1.2 m USB-C cable
  • Profile Streaming Set includes microphone, boom arm with integrated cable management, 3 m USB-C cable, and mic pouch


Hey, everybody, Ben here from Pro AV Today. Back with another 90 second review. Today we are reviewing this microphone. The new Sennheiser Profile USB Mic.

The version that I’m reviewing and using today is the profile streaming set. So that includes not only the microphone itself, which you’re hearing me talk through right now, but the boom arm and cable setup. And what I can say is there are not many comparable boom arms out to the box that are as flexible and functional as this one. So especially in some non-traditional mounting situations, maybe it’s a larger side of the desk or maybe an oblong table shape, things like that. It holds really, really well. And it’s really comfortable to have on the desk. The USB cable, you can see, is recessed nicely into the boom stand.

But I know you’re probably all here to hear the quality of the microphone, which is, like I said, is what I’m using right now has really granular controls on the microphone itself. And I could tell you this, out of the box, there’s probably not a better microphone for the price point on the market right now, especially in terms of plug and play. It’s something not only that I highly recommend that you purchase, but something really that will elevate not only your podcast content, your video content, things like that, but you can also use it for enterprise setups like Zoom meetings, you know, UCC applications, things like that as well. So highly recommend it. It’s incredibly functional, incredibly easy to use and something that I highly recommend.

To purchase the standalone mic, click here

For the Profile Streaming Set, click here


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