Enhancing Customer Value Through Innovation: The CONTROLTEK and Davis Bancorp Partnership

December 4, 2023


The collaboration between Davis Bancorp and CONTROLTEK is a shining example of how shared values and commitment can significantly enhance customer interests. This partnership is rooted in a strong foundation of similarities, with both entities being family-owned businesses that prioritize their people, property, and client service quality.

CONTROLTEK’s approach is notably innovative and forward-looking. The company focuses on leading industry advancements in product development, demonstrated in its alliance with Davis Bancorp. Both parties are keen on revolutionizing industry practices, especially in cash transit operations.

A remarkable innovation from CONTROLTEK is integrating 90% post-consumer recycled content in their deposit bags, showcasing their dedication to sustainability and completing the cycle of environmental responsibility. The relationship with Davis Bancorp transcends a typical provider-client dynamic, evolving into a partnership built on mutual respect for shared priorities. Together, they aim to initiate transformative changes in the industry, leveraging advanced solutions like GS1 barcoding and RFID technology. This partnership is a testament to how shared visions and a commitment to innovation can drive significant progress in the banking and security sectors.

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