A New Era of Retail is the Rise and Integration of Social Commerce

July 9, 2024
Melissa Gonzalez


As the retail landscape changes, the convergence of live streaming, social media, and e-commerce is revolutionizing how consumers interact with brands. This shift, propelled by advancements in technology and changing consumer behaviors, has led to innovative business models that are reshaping the industry. At the forefront of this transformation is Robert D’Loren, an entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience in the consumer products and media industries.

How is the integration of live streaming and social commerce transforming retail?

In this latest episode of “Retail Refined,” host Melissa Gonzalez, looked into the journey of Robert D’Loren, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Xcel Brands, and co-founder of ORME. Their discussion explored the evolution of D’Loren’s career and his visionary approach to reimagining shopping, entertainment, and social media.

Some main points of their conversation covered:

  • The genesis and growth of Xcel Brands and its impact on the retail industry.
  • The innovative concept behind ORME and its role in the live streaming and social commerce landscape.
  • Some of the challenges and opportunities presented by the integration of e-commerce and social media.

Robert D’Loren is a seasoned entrepreneur and pioneer in the consumer products and media sectors. With a background in finance, he has been instrumental in securitizing musical and film copyrights and has led significant ventures in the apparel and franchise industries. Under his leadership, Xcel Brands has become a leader in live stream and social commerce, driving over $4 billion in sales on QVC alone.

Article by Alexandra Simon.

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