Culture and Craftsmanship with Sabah Founder Mickey Ashmore

May 28, 2024
Adam Morrisey


In an age where mass production dominates, the art of craftsmanship and its profound impact on culture and community is increasingly rare. This rarity has brought craftsmanship into the spotlight, as consumers and creators alike seek authenticity in a digital world. At the heart of this movement is Sabah, a brand that has successfully merged traditional craftsmanship with modern entrepreneurship, gaining the attention of major media outlets like the New York Times and Esquire.

What does it take to build a business that is deeply rooted in craftsmanship and cultural authenticity? How can companies merge traditional craftsmanship with modern entrepreneurship, and ensure that they maintain quality and authenticity while scaling up? These are some of the questions explored in the latest episode of Tuesdays with Morrisey.

Hosted by Adam Morrisey, this episode welcomes Mickey Ashmore, the founder of Sabah, a lifestyle brand celebrated for its unique footwear. Ashmore shares insights into how Sabah has woven craftsmanship, culture, and community into the fabric of its business model.

Here’s what to expect from the conversation:
– The journey of Sabah from a passion project in a New York apartment to an international presence.
– The role of hospitality in transforming customer interactions into memorable experiences.
– How genuine enthusiasm for the craft has naturally fostered a robust community around the brand.

Mickey Ashmore’s background is as intriguing as his business philosophy. After a stint in corporate finance, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to turn a cherished gift of Turkish slippers into a thriving business. Ashmore’s approach to Sabah as a “hospitality company that sells shoes” and his hands-on approach with customers have been pivotal to the brand’s success.

Article written by MarketScale.

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