Human Potential and Mindset with Elite Tech Sales Founder Jay Johnston

June 11, 2024
Adam Morrisey


In today’s fast-paced world, the significance of mindset and human potential is more relevant than ever. As we navigate through an era of rapid technological advancements and ever-evolving job markets, understanding how to harness our capabilities can make all the difference.

Is it possible to achieve rapid career growth by focusing on the right mindset and practices? How can we cultivate this mindset to unlock our fullest potential?

In this episode of Tuesdays with Morrisey, host Adam Morrisey is joined by Jay Johnston, the founder of Elite Tech Sales. The episode explores how Jay overcame numerous rejections to secure a job at Dell and quickly rise through the ranks. Jay shares his insights on the power of mindset, the importance of energy over form, and his philosophy of playing the long game in business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mindset’s Role in Success: Mindset can significantly impact our success and influence. Jay emphasizes creating empowering narratives to reach any level of success.
  • Energy vs. Form: Understanding fundamentals is crucial, but energy often trumps form when trying to achieve results. Jay explains how the right energy can make a difference in sales and beyond.
  • Long-Term Thinking: Jay advocates for thinking in decades rather than days. This approach prioritizes long-term value and loyalty over short-term gains.

Jay Johnston is the founder of Elite Tech Sales, a company dedicated to helping college students and professionals secure sales jobs at top companies and achieve rapid promotions. His journey began after facing 50 sales interview rejections before landing a role at Dell. Within two and a half years at Dell, he was promoted four times and quadrupled his income. Jay’s mission extends beyond business, focusing on empowering individuals to achieve freedom and agency in their careers and lives.

Article written by MarketScale.

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