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intersection between data

Finding the Intersection Between Data, Technology, and Sports

  Data science and analytics play an ever-increasing and critical role in sports creating an intersection between data and sports. From making some sports safer, to understanding the performance and tactics of opposing teams, and individual player analysis and scouting, there’s hardly an area of sports today that doesn’t intersect in some way with technology […]

conscious leadership

Conscious Leadership Implementation in the Workplace

  Thought leadership is a vital aspect of a workplace’s function. It stands to help play a part in how well a company performs and what new and innovative changes are made. It’s become such a major factor in the future of brands and companies that in addition to the 69 percent of companies that […]

Antong Lucky episode

From Gangs to Activism, Learning from Antong Lucky and his Redemptive Path

  A path to redemption paved with inspiration is most rewarding. For Antong Lucky, inspiring others and sharing wisdom from his many trials and tribulations is his passion and his life’s mission. Former founder and leader of the Dallas 415 Bloods Gang, Lucky’s journey in and out of the U.S. prison system, as well as […]

Erica Molett episode

Preparing Gen Z for a Lifetime of Leadership with Erica Molett

When introducing Erica Molett, it can be hard to know where to begin. She has founded and is currently the CEO of three different organizations: Kandake Tech, Beyond the Ball, and Expansion Solutions Consulting. While that might be a lot for some people, she isn’t stopping there.  “There are innovations that are being birthed out […]

The Changing Landscape of the Large-scale Flower Industry, a Founders Foray into the Technology World

A lot of planning goes into the flowers people buy in stores. According to Jeff Yanes, President of Operations for Pure Beauty Farms, it takes a year and a half. Yanes joined host Adam Morrisey for a conversation on the intriguing world of the flower industry and a brand-new social venture he’s launched in Miami, […]

Inside the Mind of Bestselling Author Daniel Pink

Getting the chance to hear the inside scoop on how a bestselling author works and what they think of their work is an amazing experience. In this case, Daniel Pink, author of five New York Times bestsellers delivers a podcast to remember. New and loyal fans alike will enjoy hearing what Pink thinks of his […]

Understanding Mythology Deepens Creative Storytelling

Will Linn, Ph.D., is a Mythologist and founder of Mythouse.org. In college, Linn took a mythology class that tied together storytelling with ideas and themes Linn recognized from his philosophy class. Throw in a trip to Greece and a helping of Joseph Campbell, Linn quickly headed down his river of discovery to a career in […]

How Big Hotel Brands Are Missing the Mark with the Boutique Hotel Experience

How Big Hotel Brands Are Missing the Mark with the Boutique Hotel Experience

Adam Morrisey talks with Jaime Bravo, General Manager of Hotel Bardo in Tulum, a boutique hotel group consisting of three hospitality concepts in Mexico. The hotel’s stay was called ‘transformational’ in Forbes. Bravo claims, “there’s nothing like Tulum. Its soul cannot be replicated.” Bravo explains that consumer preferences have changed with covid. Covid and 2020 […]

How Do You Define the Entrepreneurial Mind Set?

How Do You Define the Entrepreneurial Mind Set?

  Today’s entrepreneur has many commonalities with seafarers from hundreds of years ago. That’s the connection renowned entrepreneurial expert, author and professor Dr. Patrick Murphy makes in his teachings. Murphy is the Goodrich Chair of Entrepreneurship & Director of the Entrepreneurship Program at UAB (University of Alabama, Birmingham). He joined host Adam Morrisey on Tuesdays with Morrisey to talk […]

Tuesdays with Morrisey

Introducing Tuesdays with Morrisey

Back by popular demand, Adam Morrisey, VP of Sales and Marketing at Shipshape, today announced the launch of his new podcast and newsletter series, Tuesdays with Morrisey. Morrisey aims to connect with entrepreneurs, authors and thought leaders to empower listeners with new insights on topics including leadership, creativity, technology and business. “This project presents an […]