The Unseen Lives of NFL Bubble Players and Up-and-Coming Agents

October 31, 2023
Adam Morissey


Finding one’s way to the glory of the gridiron can take windy paths, and for those NFL bubble players looking to make it, there are no easy roads. The pathway is no more glamourous for fledgling sports agents trying to make it to the big show.

This discussion comes when the NFL landscape is veering towards a more transparent ethos, shedding light on the behind-the-scenes toil that propels the game forward. And how high are the stakes? Only 1.6% of college football players make it to the NFL. The narrative explores the intricate dance between the underdog players striving for a foothold in the league and the burgeoning agents determined to carve a niche in the high-stakes domain of player representation.

What does it entail for a Division III football player and a developing agent to navigate the rigorous journey toward NFL acclaim? This uncharted narrative mirrors the relentless ambition and camaraderie that fuels the NFL’s unsung heroes.

In the latest episode of Tuesdays with Morrisey, host Adam Morrisey sits down with former NFL player Brandon Zylstra and NFL Player Agent Jaymeson Moten of VaynerSports, peeking into the unseen lives and uphill battles of NFL bubble players and their agents.

Morrisey, Zylstra, and Moten’s conversation traverse the terrains of ambition, mentorship, and gritty resolve, including the following:

  • Zylstra’s journey from a Division III football player to breaking records in the CFL before landing NFL contracts epitomizing the sheer grit and relentless ambition inherent in bubble players
  • Moton’s transition from a basketball enthusiast to an NFL agent and his eventual partnership with childhood friend Zylstra
  • The systemic barriers within the NFL and the player representation sphere
  • Industrial-essential and motivational reads from Crunching Numbers: An Inside Look At The Salary Cap And Negotiating Player Contracts to The Alchemist

Jaymeson Moten, a zealous sports enthusiast turned NFL agent, is a shining exemplar of relentless ambition converging with opportunity. Holding a certification from the NFLPA, Moten’s journey began alongside his childhood friend, Zylstra, nurturing a dream that would eventually morph into a professional alliance. Zylstra is a former NFL special teams player with the Minnesota Vikings and Carolina Panthers.

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