The Key to Winning Consumer Attention is to Focus on Practical Brand Recognition, Not Emotional Connections

January 23, 2024
Adam Morrisey


The world of branding has seen remarkable changes, evolving from its early roots to playing a pivotal role in the digital era, where many brands compete for consumer attention. In addressing the pivotal question of how brands have adapted to stay relevant and resonate with consumers over time, particularly in an overcrowded market. Ella Ward, the Senior Marketing Scientist at the Ehrenberg Bass Institute provides illuminating perspectives on “Tuesdays with Morrisey” with host, Adam Morrisey.

Her insights highlight the intricate dynamics of capturing consumer attention in today’s competitive marketplace. Ward underscores that a brand’s success in the densely populated market does not solely rely on creating emotional connections but involves understanding and capitalizing on the subtle yet potent forces of subconscious recognition and mental availability. This approach, aligning with the core ideas explored in pivotal works like “How Brands Grow,” “Building Distinctive Brand Assets,” and “Better Brand Health,” offers a comprehensive view of modern brand dynamics.

“The reality is people actually think very little about brands… our brain uses [brand elements] as shortcuts because there’s so much information that we encounter all the time, ” Ward said.

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