Decoding Confidence: Unveiling the Eight Strengths with Lisa Sun

January 9, 2024
Adam Morrisey


Decoding confidence in today’s society, where traditional views of assertiveness and extroversion often overshadow the true essence of self-assurance, is at the heart of Lisa Sun’s innovative approach. Sun’s exploration through her book and clothing brand, Gravitas, offers a refreshing perspective in a landscape where discussions around gender equality and evolving workplace dynamics are increasingly prominent. A pivotal study highlights a critical gap: despite frequently outperforming their male counterparts, females are less likely to be promoted as males, underscoring the urgency of decoding confidence beyond conventional stereotypes.

What does the journey of decoding confidence entail, and how can it transcend gender norms and societal expectations? The latest episode of “Tuesdays with Morrisey” explores this central question, where host Adam Morrisey converses with Lisa Sun, the Founder & CEO of Gravitas.

Morrisey and Sun’s conversation includes the following:

  • The eight distinct types of confidence and their role in shaping personal and professional identities
  • The unique relationship between confidence and clothing, as demonstrated by Gravitas, in empowering individuals
  • Lisa Sun’s personal experiences and revelations in her quest for decoding confidence

With her rich background in management consulting and the fashion industry, Lisa Sun brings a unique perspective to confidence. Her journey, ignited by critical early career feedback, led her on a two-decade quest for understanding and embodying gravitas. Her educational achievements and industry accolades testify to her commitment to decoding confidence, making her a beacon of inspiration for a diverse audience.

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