The Journey of the Young Entrepreneur and CEO Behind the Baseball Equipment Company, Bruce Bolt

July 21, 2023
Alexandra Simon


The rapidly evolving world where being a young entrepreneur can be as rewarding as having a traditional education is the story of Bruce Bolt, a premier baseball equipment and apparel company, stands as an inspiring testament to the strength of vision, passion, and unwavering commitment. 

The brand’s founder and CEO, Bear Mayer, is a young entrepreneur. Along with his father and co-founder, Gard Mayer, the father-son duo have redefined the conventional path to success, shaping their destiny on their own terms. Bear’s decision to step away from academics to fully commit to their brand echoes the narratives of many iconic figures in the business world, putting in perspective the weight of such a choice. 

The unexpected exposure they received from a feature video by Whistle Media underscores the power of social media in the current entrepreneurial landscape, further highlighting the way unforeseen opportunities can catalyze a brand’s trajectory in the blink of an eye. To explain the journey of Bear and Gard Mayer, the two innovative minds behind Bruce Bolt’s success appeared for an episode of “Tuesdays With Morrissey.”

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