Lee Walker’s Successful Journey from Dell to Olive Oil Entrepreneurship is Thanks to Entrepreneurial Imagination

December 12, 2023
Adam Morrisey


In today’s competitive business landscape, where approximately 90% of startups fail, the role of entrepreneurial imagination and values in business is more critical than ever. The success of the remaining 10% is frequently attributed not just to market trends and financial capital, but also to the founders’ ability to innovate, adapt, and adhere to core values.

So how can today’s aspiring entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of today’s market and make strategic decisions that ensure long-term sustainability and growth?

On this episode of “Tuesdays with Morrisey,” host Adam Morrisey, engages with Lee Walker, Dell’s first President, on entrepreneurial imagination and values in business. They delve into Walker’s insights from his time at Dell, his approach to teaching at the University of Texas, and the intriguing connection between business success and a meaningful life, as reflected in his venture into olive oil production in Italy.

The conversation features:

  • Insights into his initial reluctance to join Dell, and how his decision to become the president impacted both the company and his personal career trajectory.
  • His belief in imagination as a powerful tool for innovation in business and a fulfilling personal life.
  • How his experiences have shaped his understanding of the importance of values in both business decisions and personal growth.

Lee Walker, the first president of Dell Computers, is an adjunct professor at the University of Texas and a seasoned entrepreneur. He is also an author who has shared his wealth of knowledge in his book “Imagination House.” His diverse career mirrors the narrative arc seen in “Going Infinite: The Rise and Fall of a New Tycoon,” where the protagonist navigates the complexities of the business world with innovative thinking and a strong value system. His story also echoes the themes of adaptation and survival in the face of change, as discussed in “The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History,” emphasizing the need for sustainable practices and ethical decision-making in business.

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