Navigating Uncertain Times Means That Managers Should Be Teaching Their Leadership Style to Their Teams

September 12, 2023
Alexandra Simon


As businesses grapple with post-pandemic restructuring, new social responsibilities, and increased expectations for employee well-being, leadership has never been more complex. The demands of contemporary leadership style extend far beyond merely driving team performance. Today, leaders must now tackle social issues, employee mental health, and operate in an environment rife with ambiguity. According to Gallup, only 32 percent of U.S. employees are engaged in their work, underscoring the urgency to address these pressing challenges. This is where managers and their effective leadership need to step in.

So, how do leaders navigate this rapidly evolving landscape and harness the full potential of their teams? What skills and mindset shifts are essential for effective leadership today?

On the newest episode of “Tuesdays with Morrisey,” host Adam Morrisey talked with leadership expert and bestselling author Liz Wiseman to unpack the status quo and future trajectory of leadership. The discussion revolved around the evolving roles of managers (and what makes a successful one), the impact of their approaches on team performance, and the need for fresh leadership paradigms in today’s complex business landscape.

Their conversation mostly touched on leadership in addition to: 

  • How leaders today are underutilizing talent and struggling to adapt to new responsibilities like employee well-being and social issues.
  • Wiseman’s insights from her book “Multipliers,” focusing on how leaders can either amplify or drain the intelligence and capability of their team based on their leadership style.
  • The challenges faced by high-performing individuals as they step into managerial roles, where the metrics of success radically shift.

Liz Wiseman is the CEO of the Wiseman Group, a leadership R&D firm that has worked with companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nike, and Salesforce. She is a thought leader in the field of leadership and the author of bestselling books such as “Multipliers,” “Rookie Smarts,” and “Impact Players.” Her work has led her to address key leadership issues and provide actionable insights for today’s managers.

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