Housing Affordability: Catalytic Development and Stewardship in Business

August 22, 2023


In recent years, the issue of housing affordability has become a pressing concern for many Americans. According to a report from Habitat for Humanity, understanding the true cost of a home and the challenges many face in affording one is crucial. The Center for American Progress emphasizes the need for equitable housing outcomes for all, highlighting the disparities marginalized communities face. Furthermore, a 2023 report reveals that affordable rental homes are increasingly out of reach for Alabamians, underscoring the urgency of this issue.

How can the growing gap in housing affordability be addressed to ensure that every American has a place to call home?

On this episode of Tuesdays with Morrisey, host Adam Morrisey sits down with Brandon Cleveland, Executive Director at Daniel Payne Legacy Village, to discuss the topic of catalytic development and stewardship in business. Together, they explore innovative solutions to the housing crisis and examine the role of businesses and communities in driving positive change.

Key Discussion Points:

  • The concept of “catalytic development” and its potential to accelerate positive community impact
  • The importance of community-centric development, emphasizing features like sidewalks and green spaces
  • The role of density in attracting for-profit entities, boosting local economies, and increasing home values

Brandon Cleveland is a multidisciplinary leader based in Birmingham, Alabama. As the Executive Director of Daniel Payne Legacy Village, he champions community growth through education, economics, technology, and wellness. With a background in nonprofit and private development, Brandon is a dynamic speaker known for his innovative approach to community development. His work emphasizes creating advantageous environments for residents and businesses, fostering growth and positive change.

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