Preparing Gen Z for a Lifetime of Leadership with Erica Molett

When introducing Erica Molett, it can be hard to know where to begin. She has founded and is currently the CEO of three different organizations: Kandake Tech, Beyond the Ball, and Expansion Solutions Consulting. While that might be a lot for some people, she isn’t stopping there. 

“There are innovations that are being birthed out of those (three)…we’re building platforms that will eventually fly away and live on their own,” Molett told host Adam Morrisey. 

Each of these organizations has the same goal of setting up Gen Z for success in the future. Erica believes that achieving this is a crucial goal because of the special role Gen Z can play in the future.

“There was a report that Bank of America had written about Gen Z, that said [they] will be the most disruptive and innovative generation ever,” she said. 

Molett believes that in order to help young people reach their full potential, it’s important to engage with them in their specific areas of interest, like sports, gaming, or technology. One of the most effective ways she has found to do this is by bringing in representatives from high-profile companies like Nike and Microsoft to speak to these students. 

“The journey of the guy in the marketing department at the Jordan Brand is just as important and more easily applicable to a kid’s life as Serena Williams. Jeff Harris from Jordan Brand, there are thousands of kids who could follow in his footsteps. There might be one kid that could follow in Serena’s footsteps on the court,” said Molett. 

For more on Erica Molett and the work she is doing, follow her on her LinkedIn page.

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