Clearfield CraftSmart FiberFirst Pedestal Breaks New Ground by Bringing Fiber Networks to Rural and Less Populated Areas

January 26, 2024


In the rapidly evolving landscape of telecommunications, the expansion of fiber networks into less densely populated areas has become a crucial frontier. This advancement not only promises enhanced connectivity but also challenges the traditional paradigms of network infrastructure. Kevin Morgan, the Chief Marketing Officer at Clearfield, is at the forefront of this transformation, advocating for innovative solutions to bridge the digital divide. His recent introduction of the CraftSmart FiberFirst 6 Pedestal highlights a significant shift towards more efficient and cost-effective ways to extend fiber networks.

How can technological advancements in fiber network infrastructure catalyze connectivity in less populated areas, and what are the implications for bridging the digital divide?

Morgan, with his extensive experience in telecommunications, offers a compelling perspective on this issue. He highlights the importance of adaptable, cost-efficient solutions in expanding fiber networks to areas previously considered economically unfeasible.

“The compact form factor, the wide deployment scenarios supported and optimized design to support craft-friendly deployments allows the CraftSmart Pedestal to expand the operator’s toolkit as it looks to build out its fiber footprint,” Morgan said.

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