Fiber Connectivity for the Social Good, Presented by Clearfield

January 24, 2024


How is fiber connectivity reshaping small-town life and fostering community growth? Toby Hermel, The Senior Manager at Nuvera; Glen Zerbe, the President and CEO of Nuvera; Todd Gregoire, an IT Manager with Heartland AG; Daron VanderHeiden, the Superintendent for the Hutchinson School District, and Matt Jaunich, the City Administrator for Hutchinson, provide insights into the transformational role of broadband in enabling remote work, enhancing educational opportunities, and supporting high-tech manufacturing in Hutchinson, Minnesota.

“Having a project like this, I think just showcases our to work together and what it can do to a community,” Jaunich said, highlighting the collaborative spirit and the tangible benefits of improved connectivity.

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