Improving Indoor Air Quality During Construction Takes the Right Technological Tools

July 18, 2023
Alexandra Simon

Today’s era is marked by heightened awareness of both sustainability and occupational safety, the intersection of these two fields has led to intriguing technological tools and advancements within the construction industry. Indoor air quality, a critical but often overlooked facet of these conversations, not only influences the health and productivity of workers but also contributes significantly to global carbon emissions. With the rise of IoT-enabled solutions like Polygon’s XactAir system, there is a newfound ability to constantly monitor and control air quality throughout the building’s lifecycle, starting from the construction phase. 

As a natural progression from mere data collection to insightful and actionable knowledge, this digital revolution is transforming the industry’s approach to risk management, efficiency, and sustainability.

Such experts in this area are Polygon’s Head of National Sales, Garrett Freeman, Director of Engineering and Technology, David Simkins, Senior Director of Client Development, Tina York, and their US Country President, Frank Dobosz. They all share their experiences in pioneering these advancements and technological tools in the field on the latest “Polygon” episode.

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