AI Chatbots Are Now the Backbone of Cutting-Edge Marketing Strategies

January 26, 2024
Aby Varma


This episode of the Marketing AI Sparkcast, hosted by B2B marketing leader Aby Varma, features an in-depth discussion with Nick Kljaic, CEO of AskHandle, on the role of AI-powered chatbots in marketing. Kljaic, with a rich background in finance and entrepreneurship, sheds light on the intersection of AI technology and marketing efficiency.

They delve into the development of chatbots, tracing their journey from simple, pre-programmed replies to sophisticated AI-based conversational tools capable of emulating human interactions. The discussion encompasses areas such as tailoring AI chatbots to meet distinct business requirements, addressing ethical considerations and data privacy in the realm of AI, and contemplating AI’s role in both business and personal realms. This episode is a wealth of information for anyone fascinated by the convergence of AI, marketing, and enhancing customer engagement.

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