FAQs – How Much and What Type of Power will a Polygon System Need?

August 7, 2023


In this informative video, Guillermo Martinez, Applications Engineer at Polygon US, addresses a common question about system design and power requirements for desiccant dehumidifiers. He explains the challenges in estimating power needs before designing the system and highlights the flexibility to adjust power once the system is in place. Martinez overviews the R Series, specifically the tri-fuel desiccant dehumidifiers powered by propane, natural gas, or electricity.

Martinez emphasizes the importance of three-phase 460-volt power for most systems and illustrates how to determine the amps required based on the unit’s specifications. He also showcases strategies to optimize energy usage, including using gas burners for reactivation cycles. Watch the video to learn more about maximizing energy efficiency in desiccant dehumidifiers.

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