Clearfield Receives the 2023 ISE Network Innovator Award

January 26, 2024


Clearfield, Inc. has received the prestigious 2023 ISE Network Innovator Award for its SeeChange® Access Terminal and Hardened Connector System. This recognition, awarded by a panel of experts in the Telecom/Broadband Network Service Provider Community, highlights Clearfield’s commitment to advancing fiber optic technology. This achievement signifies the SeeChange system’s role in simplifying fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployments, marking a significant achievement in the industry and reinforcing Clearfield’s position as a leader in fiber connectivity solutions.

“We are extremely honored to be named an ISE Network Innovator Awards High-Score Recipient. The products were reviewed based on originality, innovation, positive impact, how well it addressed a new or existing requirement, the novelty of approach, and cost-effectiveness,” Johnny Hill, the Chief Operating Officer at Clearfield, said. “To know that we ranked highly hitting all those marks means a great deal to us, especially as we continue to create products to help service providers reduce the high costs associated with a fiber optic network to help close the digital equity divide.”

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