Digital Brandscape Transformation: Charting the Course in Social Media Waters

September 15, 2023
Troy Beetz


In the digital brandscape transformation realm, social media’s influence and challenges on brands are becoming increasingly pivotal. Recent studies indicate that over 3.6 billion people globally are active on social media, a figure projected to surge to almost 4.41 billion by 2025. This massive digital shift prompts an essential question: How are brands navigating the intricate waters of social media, and what ripple effects does this have on the broader societal landscape?

Amidst the digital brandscape transformation, how can brands maintain their essence while adapting to the dynamic currents of social media?

In the latest episode of the How Strong Podcast, hosted by Troy Beetz and co-hosted by Lisa Coto, they look into the state of social media with guest Stefannie Curl, a seasoned Social Media Consultant at How Strong. The trio embarks on a journey discussing the challenges and opportunities that brands encounter, emphasizing the importance of effective communication while preserving authenticity.

Key Discussion Points:

  • The metamorphosis of PR in social media and the shift toward concise, impactful messaging
  • The potential risks and rewards for brands taking a stance on social and political issues
  • The significance of aligning brand campaigns with core brand values and guidelines in the age of digital brandscape transformation

Stefannie Curl boasts a decade-long career in social media, having collaborated with automotive giants like Lexus, Honda, and Delorian. Her rich background in PR and communications has provided her with a unique lens to view the digital brandscape transformation, influencing how brands communicate with their audiences. Steffanie’s forward-thinking approach to social media strategy has been a game-changer in reshaping brand interactions in the digital space.

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