Into the Void of Marketing: Product Placement in Movies and TV

September 13, 2023
Troy Beetz


In an era where marketing has transcended traditional advertisements and entered the realms of movies, TV shows, and even podcasts, the lines between entertainment and advertising have blurred. With 52% of consumers preferring product placement in movies and TV shows over traditional advertising, there’s a world of marketing opportunities in media and other unique avenues. But how does this integration look in different genres, and what are the ethical considerations?

What happens when non-marketers weigh in on the world of product placement?

Welcome to the How Strong podcast by Troy Beetz, where this episode looks into the intricacies of product placement. Joining Beetz in the conversation are guests Ron Johnson, an attorney with a penchant for movies, and David Troncoso, a man whose appearance might deceive but whose insights won’t.

Several areas of discussion include the following:

  • The difference in product placement across movie genres, with a focus on horror
  • The challenges of integrating products into movies with controversial content or ratings
  • The authenticity of products in film and the balance between real and fictional brands

Ron Johnson, an attorney by profession, brings a unique perspective, having known Beetz since their college days at Arizona State. On the other hand, David Troncoso might look like he’s stepped out of a different era (the 1800s). Still, his sharp insights and observations make him an intriguing participant in the discussion. Together, they explore the world of marketing from the eyes of those outside the industry, providing fresh perspectives on a topic that affects us all.

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