Troy Beetz

Host and Creator How Strong Podcast

In the complex and dynamic landscape of mobility and automotive marketing, few names resonate as powerfully as Troy Beetz. Currently serving as Managing Partner at How Strong LLC in Los Angeles, Troy has crafted an illustrious career that seamlessly melds foundational marketing strategies with future-forward digital paradigms. This includes an intriguing foray into Web3 and the burgeoning space of NFTs, pointing towards a marketer who not merely adapts but anticipates and shapes change.

With an academic background in Political Science from State University, Tempe, AZ, and a Project Management Certification from Oxford Home Study Center, Troy's roots are firmly planted in interdisciplinary knowledge. This broad-based education provides him with the tools to navigate not just the marketing spectrum but also the intricate web of global politics and consumer behavior, factors ever so critical in today’s globalized market.

At the crux of Troy’s philosophy is a data-centric approach, pivotal in shaping customer insights. He is no stranger to the power of analytics, demonstrated by his strategic use of Google Analytics and Clicky to monitor web metrics. As the former Chief Marketing/Product Officer for DeLorean Motor Corporation, he not only led global marketing and branding efforts but was instrumental in deploying AI predictive tools for maximizing traffic and engagement. His eye for financial detail ensures that each campaign is not only creative but also generates measurable ROI. His role at DeLorean also thrust him into the vanguard of product development. He was the driving force behind the 2025 DeLorean Alpna5 program, steering it from mere ideation to tangible prototype. This was no isolated feat, as he also masterminded the concept creation for six future vehicles, underlining his ability to envision and construct the future of mobility.

Before joining DeLorean, Troy held pivotal roles at Karma Automotive and NIO, where he displayed a knack for orchestrating successful Go-To-Market strategies. At Karma, he meticulously utilized data from POLK/PIN, Urban Science, and ALG to steer marketing campaigns. While at NIO, his visionary leadership was pivotal in launching the "EVE" concept car, which garnered 20,000 reservations. Yet, what truly sets Troy apart is his commitment to thought leadership. As the host of the 'How Strong Podcast,' Troy unpacks the complexities of marketing, brand partnerships, and future tech in the mobility space. The podcast series serves as a forum for unfiltered conversations, contributing to a broader dialogue that aims to push the boundaries of the industry's collective understanding.
An active member of the American Marketing Association and the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, Troy is not just part of the conversation but often leads it. His speaking engagements at high-profile events like Web3 EXPO and the LA Auto Show bear testimony to his position as an authority in the field. Further, his role as a Board Member for Special Olympics, Southern California, highlights a commitment to societal impact, adding a layer of ethical responsibility to his professional repertoire.

In a sector rife with constant innovations and disruptions, Troy Beetz stands as a beacon of balanced expertise. His mastery over both traditional and digital marketing mediums, his forays into product development, and his relentless pursuit of thought leadership make him a polymath in a world of specialists. Whether it is brand development, sales optimization, or the daunting challenge of steering companies into the digital future, Troy's multifaceted skill set offers a holistic approach that few can match.

Certificate, Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behavior 2023
Certificate, Leading Strategic Innovation in Organizations 2013
BA, Political Science 1993-1997
fundraising Fundraising
image-5 Coach

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