The Rise of Vintage Electric Motorcycles: A Modern Nostalgia

September 13, 2023
Troy Beetz


In recent years, the vehicle industry has seen a palpable shift towards sustainable electric options to include electric motorcycles. But while many manufacturers are focusing on futuristic designs, there’s a growing demand for bikes that combine modern technology with vintage aesthetics. According to a recent study, electric motorcycle sales will grow from $31.5 to $57.44 billion in the next five years. Amidst this backdrop, Old Soren Motorcycle Co. stands out with its unique blend of old-school charm and cutting-edge technology.

So, what drives the modern rider to seek a blend of the past and the future in their ride?

Welcome to the How Strong podcast by Troy Beetz, where this episode examines this very question. Joined by co-host Travis King, Beetz sits down with Kenny Sanders, the Founder & CEO of Old Soren Motorcycle Co., to discuss the allure of vintage electric motorcycles.

Beetz, King, and Sanders discuss the following:

  • The story behind Kenny’s chance encounter with Troy and the birth of Old Soren Motorcycle Co.
  • The challenges and rewards of merging vintage designs with modern electric technology
  • Kenny’s journey from a pro-BMX biker to a successful entrepreneur with multiple ventures

Kenny Sanders is not just the brain behind Old Soren Motorcycle Co. He’s a former professional BMX biker, a seasoned entrepreneur with a flair for unique ventures, and a man with a story that’s “definitely made for a movie.” Growing up in the small town of Ephraim in central Utah, Kenny’s journey took him from performing BMX tricks to designing clothes and, eventually, revolutionizing the electric motorcycle industry with his vintage designs. His diverse experiences in business and life make him a captivating guest with a wealth of knowledge to share.

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