Old Soren Motorcycles | A Sustainable, Fun, Cool Way to Move Around

August 2, 2023


As we journey through the fourth industrial revolution, we are witnessing the rapid evolution of transportation. The global market is experiencing a dramatic shift, with electric vehicles becoming the norm. Within this space, electric motorcycles, in particular, are coming of age. As the push for sustainability grows, a significant numbers of enthusiasts are looking for both the environmental benefits of electric compulsion and the timeless aesthetics of vintage motorcycles.  Recent surveys reveal that 78% of potential buyers prefer an electric motorcycle that gives off vintage vibes over futuristic designs.

So, how can one combine the nostalgia of classic motorcycles with the future of electric power?

Enter Are We There Yet?, hosted by Grant Harrell. In an electrifying recent conversation, Grant is joined by Kenny Sanders, the founder of Old Soren Motorcycles, a company at the intersection of vintage design and modern technology. Topics covered with this powerful conversation include:

  1. The rise of electric motorcycles with a classic aesthetic.
  2. Why a significant portion of the market demands this blend.
  3. The journey and motivation behind Old Soren Motorcycles’ unique designs.

Kenny Sanders isn’t just an entrepreneur; he’s a passionate motorcycle enthusiast with a design background. Taking his love for vintage design, he embarked on a personal project of designing a motorcycle that had both an old-school charm and the benefits of being electric. This combination resonated so much that it quickly turned from a passion project into a promising business venture. Kenny’s design stands out in an industry increasingly characterized by a futuristic aesthetic, and it’s garnering attention from all corners of the motorcycle community.

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