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Automobile Dealership Sales and Management Training is Not One-Size-Fits-All: How the Kintz Group Ensures a Perfect Fit

The automobile dealer industry experienced quite the rollercoaster over the past few years. Everything from crazy consumer demand, empty lots, supply chain issues, personnel shortages, rising interest rates, and higher gas prices. With the art of selling automobiles shifting and changing with each new loop, how do dealers face strategic shifts in training their teams? […]

Federal Aviation Administration

With Millions of Passengers to Protect Every Day, How Does the Federal Aviation Administration Get the Job Done?

For many of us, airline travel is almost as ordinary as driving a car.  In fact, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) handles more than 45,000 flights a day and over 16 million flights per year in the United States.  How, exactly, does the FAA regulate so many flights and help ensure safety for the more […]

NADA 2023

The FASTEST-DRIVING Conference of the Year: NADA 2023!

The NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) annual conference is THE automotive industry event of the year!  And NADA 2023 in Dallas, Texas continued this trend, with the top companies in the industry showcasing their newest products, services, and cutting-edge technologies!   MarketScale’s Grant Harrell, Host of the transportation/mobility-focused video podcast series, Are We There Yet?, decided […]

Submarine Experiences

Submarine Experiences for EVERYONE, Are We There Yet?

According to a study by National Geographic, more than 80% of the ocean has never been mapped, explored, or even seen by humans!  Compare this with how in fact we’ve explored a greater percentage of the moon! Many people are now seeing the light, or perhaps more accurately, going away from the light and underwater, […]

Fly Anywhere

Fly Anywhere. Anytime. Are We There Yet?

Flying is a chore for many individuals today, often laden with many layovers and alterations in flight times. The charter aviation industry is starting to bring ease to many customers in eliminating these travel pains, and new jet delivery is expected to grow with 6,362 new jet sales between 2020 and 2029. What are private […]

The FASTEST-MOVING Conference of the Year, CES 2023

  The Consumer Technology Association’s annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) gathering is the premier event in consumer technology. This year’s fast-moving CES 2023 event featured exhibitions from global tech powerhouses and presentations from entrepreneurs and industry-leading keynote presentations.  During this weeklong Las Vegas event, transportation/mobility was very much a hot topic, and in fact, led […]

66,000 Electric Vehicles

United States Postal Service Buys 66,000 Electric Vehicles

  The United States Postal Service is purchasing 66,000 electric vehicles as they work to upgrade their fleet. The entire purchase will bring 106,000 new vehicles to the fleet by 2028. The cost for the upgrade is in the neighborhood of about $9.5 billion, about $3 billion of which is from the Inflation Reduction Act. […]

A Pioneer within the Electrification Movement, Bob Galyen.

  MarketScale’s “Are We There Yet?” podcast series Host Grant Harrell had an electrifying conversation with Bob Galyen, CEO of Galyen Energy LLC, a pioneer within the electrification movement.  Within this powerful conversation and episode, Harrell and Galyen discuss the advancement of the electrification movement, current projects, and future predictions.   Bob Galyen CEO of Galyen […]

Indy Autonomous Challenge Powered by Cisco Race at the Texas Motor Speedway

  As the world’s only fully autonomous racing competition, the Indy Autonomous Challenge (IAC) series defies industry boundaries through connecting and advancing autonomous technology, STEM education, and racing. During the series of challenges, university teams from around the world compete to increase the safety and performance of fully autonomous vehicles using advanced driver-assistance systems.  The […]

The HIGHEST-FLYING Conference of the Year, 2022 NBAA BACE

Every year there is one place to find all of the cutting-edge technology leading the business aviation space: The NBAA BACE Conference. This annual event, hosted this year in Orlando, Florida, is truly the epicenter of exciting things happening in business aviation. Every company and industry leader were at this year’s premier event, showcasing new […]

Are We There Yet? Advancing Driver Safety and Savings Through Data and AI

InsurTech 2.0 brings next-level promise in digital capabilities for the insurance industry, and that’s a good thing. Estimates show the InsurTech market will increase by $33.73 billion from 2020 to 2025, and the market’s growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 45.28%. What are some of these technological innovations that promise to usher in […]

The State of Facility Management: IFMA World Workplace 2022

In the latest, special-edition episode of “Are We There Yet?”, host Grant Harrell speaks with leaders in facility management about current and forthcoming changes in the field. Harrell discusses his visit to the annual IFMA World Workplace 2022, which kicked off in Nashville, Tennessee over the course of three days in late September. Harrell noted […]

Highlights of the 2022 Battery Show

The Most POWERFUL Conference of the Year, The Battery Show 2022

Grant Harrell, host of Are We There Yet? had the pleasure of attending Informa Markets’ The Battery Show in Novi, Michigan from September 13-15, 2022. The show featured the latest trends and topics in the transportation and mobility industry. It is the “largest battery and electric vehicle technologies trade show in America.”  When it comes to […]

How Electric Goddess Designs Formidable Battery Packs for Electric Usage

Designing Energy and Power Solutions for a Sustainable Future, Today!

In the latest episode of “Are We There Yet?”, host Grant Harrell interviewed Erika Lauren Guerrero, the founder and CEO of Electric Goddess — a California battery consultation and testing company, along with Luke Workman, the company’s Chief Scientist. The pair talked with Harrell about their experience in the electric transportation field, the state of […]

The Highest-Flying Wing-Borne Aircraft in Human History

From cutting-edge design to research ambitions, Are We There Yet? hosts conversations with a plethora of people and companies making waves in the transportation industry. Most recently, Grant Harrell chatted with Ed Warnock, the CEO of the Perlan Project, an aerospace and climate-focused human-flight glider, about the internationally-celebrated research project. As the world’s highest, sub-sonic […]

How Michigan is Working to Ensure Leadership in the Future of Mobility

Host Grant Harrell welcomed Charlie Tyson, a Technology Activation Manager under the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to Are We There Yet? to discuss Michigan’s initiatives in transportation technology.  Michigan boasts a rich history of leadership in the automotive industry. Michigan is home to nearly 50 of the Top 100 PEC centers and twenty-six OEM automotive […]

The Company behind the Integrated Platform for the Energy and Transportation Ecosystem

Across the US, changes in regulations and lifestyles are impacting the utility grid. Electricity has been integrating solar and UV for some time. In California, state regulators agreed to ban the sale of any new gasoline-powered cars by 2035 (PBS). Now, multiple states are considering following California’s mandate (AP News). With the challenge of supporting […]

Fuel in Orbit: The Cost and Use of Fuel in Space

Rising gas prices aren’t just high down here. Literally and astronomically, they are high way up there too. In a new episode of the podcast “Are We There Yet?” host Grant Harrell talked about the rise of high gas prices, gas in space, and the introduction of gas stations in orbit with Daniel Faber, CEO […]

Soaring Towards Sustainability with Blue Bird

Finding the cutting edge in transportation technology has always been the priority for Blue Bird. Founded in 1927, the company is a leading manufacturer of school buses and commercial trucks. To discuss their current iteration of alternative fuel vehicles, Blue Bird’s Britton Smith, SVP of Electrification and Chief Strategy Officer, and Albert Burleigh, Executive Director […]

The Most Exciting International Space Event of the Year

Looking up the skies has always been a subject of human fascination but with the advancements of technology, it can now be the subject of exploration, economy, and interaction. Speaking on the importance of space as a business frontier, host of Are We There Yet? Grant Harrell invited Altair Enterprise co-founders Martynas Fedotovas and Nika […]

How Evolutions in Transportation and Mobility Are Creating Opportunities within the Built Environment

In another exciting episode of Are We There Yet? Grant Harrell hosts a conversation with CEO and Chairman of GFF Architects Evan Beattie, on the changing built environment and the ways in which transportation advancements are affecting the future. Beattie, who leads the architectural firm based in Texas and which has been awarded over 100 […]

DeLorean is Back…Actually They Never Left Us!

The forthcoming debut of the latest DeLorean iteration is discussed on the latest episode of “Are We There Yet?”. Host Grant Harrell talked with the automaker’s Chief Marketing Officer, Troy Beetz, about the Alpha5 — the company’s forthcoming luxury electric vehicle. The globally-recognized electric version of a car similar to what was seen in the […]

How The Teamsters Are Helping to Overcome the Aviation Industry Talent Shortage

International Representative for Teamster, Christopher Moore offers his insights on Aviation as an industry. As a leader of the Aviation Mechanics Coalition/Airline Division, Moore discusses the future and growth of unions within the industry with Are We There Yet? host Grant Harrell. In Recent Studies from Boeing, the prediction for how much people is needed to fill […]

How Sustainability and Gamification Factor into the Future of 3PL Strategies

One of the most well-known phrases in many industries is: If you’re not innovating, you’re dying. While the saying applies to a variety of industries, today, it is cozignant of the transportation industry. Speaking on the importance of technological innovation, Are We There Yet host Grant Harrell sits down with Kristi Montgomery the VP of […]

How One Trucking Company Is Focused on Making Headway in Sustainability

How One Trucking Company Is Focused on Making Headway in Sustainability

CEO of Detmar Logistics, Matthew Detmar, has the future on his mind. As a leader on the cutting edge of transportation technology, Detmar discusses the company’s growth and future outlook with Are We There Yet? host Grant Harrell. In 2021, Detmar trucking was awarded the Top Green Fleet award, signalling a shift in the outlook […]

Vaya Space is on a Mission to Reduce Risk & Cost in Space Exploration

Vaya Space is on a Mission to Reduce Risk & Cost in Space Exploration

Small satellites are categorized by weight, under 500 kg or 1100lb, developed for navigation, communication, earth observation, and other activities. Fortune Business Insights projects the market to reach 10.75 B in 2028. Vaya Space is poised to take its fair share of the market in small satellite launches in the future. Vaya delivers safer launches […]

How One MRO Company is Creatively Overcoming the Industry's Talent Shortage

How One MRO Company is Creatively Overcoming the Industry’s Talent Shortage

Fresh off the conclusion of the MRO Americas 2022 Aviation week, host Grant Harrell of the podcast “Are We There Yet?” sat down with Cam Murphy, the president of FEAM Aero — an aircraft maintenance company. The pair discussed the aviation industry, and how the global pandemic greatly affected various aspects of the field. But […]

Is the Sharing Economy Viable in Commercial Trucking?

Is the Sharing Economy Viable in Commercial Trucking?

  Are We There Yet? host Grant Harrell knows the ins and outs of the transportation industry are not always streamlined. Under James Eberhard, Founder and CEO of Fluid Truck, this is changing. Fluid Truck does something no one else in the industry does: offers 24/7 commercial truck sharing through their innovative platform. Operating in […]

Mixed Reality is Helping to Make Flight Simulation Training a Truly Immersive Experience

Mixed Reality is Helping to Make Flight Simulation Training a Truly Immersive Experience

Technology continues to evolve to meet the demanding needs of various industries to improve processes, save money, and advance business objectives. Grant Harrell, host of Are We There Yet?, spoke with Marek Polčák, CEO and Founder of VRgineers, about the fascinating world of next-generation flight simulator technologies for military forces and professional pilots. The virtual and […]

As Vehicles Become Autonomous, the Importance of Radar Technologies Increases

As Vehicles Become Autonomous, the Importance of Radar Technologies Increases

The motion that stops a car from moving into the next lane or that applies the brakes just before a fender bender can occur happens all because of radar technology. Are We There Yet? host Grant Harrell spoke with Nathan Mintz, Co-Founder and CEO of Spartan Radar, an automotive radar technology startup company, about the […]

Parents Struggling with Child Transportation Obligations Have New Ridesharing Options

Parents Struggling with Child Transportation Obligations Have New Ridesharing Options

Every parent knows the challenges of transporting their children to and from school and activities. Managing the transportation needs for a family is a never-ending chore that can be even more complicated for working parents. Grant Harrell, host of Are We There Yet?, spoke with Rebecca Lock, Founder & CEO of Kidcaboo, regarding the evolution […]

As Inflation Rises, Drone Delivery Is Looking More Viable

As Inflation Rises, Drone Delivery Is Looking More Viable

Drone delivery services have been talked about for years. The idea seemed to be in the world of science fiction with no real chance of becoming part of daily life until now. Three suburban towns in North Carolina are experiencing the joys associated with having deliveries made directly to their backyards. Grant Harrell, host of […]

Does the future of Motorsports Include Autonomous Driving?

Does the Future of Motorsports Include Autonomous Driving?

  Paul Mitchell, President & CEO of ESN (Energy Systems Network), is also the organizer of the world’s first autonomous, head-to-head vehicle racing challenge. This historical event in motorsports took place on January 7th at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Mitchell shared the details with Grant Harrell on this episode of Are We There Yet? […]

Jaunt Has Set 2026 As The Date for Bringing Urban Air Mobility to the Market

Jaunt Has Set 2026 As The Date for Bringing Urban Air Mobility to the Market

Personal aircraft taxi service at a price comparable to the cost of a rideshare or car service in a fraction of the time? Are we there yet? Not quite, but as Martin Peryea, CEO, Jaunt Air Mobility, explained to Grant Harrell, the reality is closer than one may think.  “We are working hard to get […]