Holland: On-TRACK for Continued Success

March 30, 2023
Grant Harrell

The railroad industry has been plagued by disturbing derailments in recent months. Some companies are working to fix this – including Holland LP, a rail solutions provider that focuses on switching out traditional track building methods for more innovative solutions. But what kind of solutions have they come up with and why are they important for the transportation and mobility industries?

On today’s episode of Marketscale’s transportation and mobility-focused online podcast series, Are We There Yet?, host Grant Harrell is joined by Louis Flenner, Product Manager with HAMR (TM) Welding at Holland LP. The two talk about Flenner’s journey, innovations in the railroad industry, Holland innovations – including MobileWelder®, flash-butt welding, and HAMR™ service, as well as how traditional methods compare to new innovations in products and services. Flenner explained that while he didn’t always expect to go into this industry, he has been excited about the innovation that’s occurring, especially within Holland.

Flenner remarked on improvements made to traditional frog-welding: “We’ve taken the person away from the fumes, from the smoke. We’ve added consistency with the beads that we put down, and we’ve been able to quickly get on and off track, which is a huge benefit when we’re tight on time.”

Flenner has been with Holland LP as a Product Manager for HAMR™ Welding for over two years, but has worked in the railroad industry for over thirteen. Prior to his role with Holland, Flenner spent time as a Sales Executive for Geimar, a Product Manager for Pandrol, and in various roles for Railtech America. He was formerly a Military Police Officer for the United States Marine Corps.

Holland is an engineering-based company that has serviced railroads and related industries since 1935. They operate the largest fleet of MobileWelders® on the globe and are the leader in the flash-butt welding industry, while also innovating using their HAMR™ services for special trackwork and thermite welding teams. As a true rail solutions partner, Holland designs, manufactures, operates, and maintains its own equipment for the industry.

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