Grant Harrell

Head of Transportation/Mobility & Host of "Are We There Yet?" video podcast series MarketScale

Asking the most exciting, innovative, cutting-edge companies in transportation/mobility the “Are We There Yet?” question is a lot of fun, and the focus of Grant Harrell's top video podcast series! And, it’s not a bad question as so much is truly happening in this space today. What used to be trains, planes, and automobiles is now robots, drones, and spaceships, and Grant is curious about how soon we are all going to see these technologies in action, at scale. Very few of us enjoy a car that drives itself, have dinner delivered via drone, or have taken a vacation to space, but these amazing technologies and applications, as Grant discovers within his "Are We There Yet?" podcast series, are here, or as he likes to say, "we're there"! Grant also serves as the Head of Transportation/Mobility for MarketScale, one of the fastest-growing, most-successful, fun b2b media companies in the industry! MarketScale works behind the scenes for many of the top brands today, building their brand, engaging their communities, and telling their incredible stories! Within Grant's leadership of MarketScale's Transportation/Mobility division, he enjoys working with top companies within automotive to aviation, micro-mobility to marine, drones to space exploration, and everyone in between. And, Grant encourages you to reach out to him directly and set up a meeting, because as he says, "whats the point of all of this transportation/mobility technology development if we aren't headed somewhere fun to meet someone interesting"!

BBA and Minor-Macroeconomics
Podcast Hosting
image-25 Content Creation
image-9 Leadership
image-71 Public Speaking
Corporate Strategy
sales Sales/Business Development

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Recent Posts

Event and Conference Episodes

The HIGHEST-FLYING Conference of the Year, 2022 NBAA BACE

Grant Harrell - May 1, 2023

Every year there is one place to find all of the cutting-edge technology leading the business aviation space: The NBAA BACE Conference. This annual event, hosted this year in Orlando, Florida, is truly the epicenter of exciting things happening in business aviation.

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Are We There Yet?

Holland: On-TRACK for Continued Success

Grant Harrell - March 30, 2023

The railroad industry has been plagued by disturbing derailments in recent months. Some companies are working to fix this - including Holland LP, a rail solutions provider that focuses on switching out traditional track building methods for more innovative solutions.

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NADA 2023
Are We There Yet?

The FASTEST-DRIVING Conference of the Year: NADA 2023!

Grant Harrell - February 21, 2023

The NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association) annual conference is THE automotive industry event of the year! And NADA 2023 in Dallas, Texas continued this trend, with the top companies in the industry showcasing their newest products, services, and cutting-edge technologies!

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Are We There Yet?

The FASTEST-MOVING Conference of the Year, CES 2023

Grant Harrell - January 25, 2023

The Consumer Technology Associations annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) gathering is the premier event in consumer technology. This years fast-moving CES 2023 event featured exhibitions from global tech powerhouses and presentations from entrepreneurs and industry-leading keynote presentations.

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66,000 Electric Vehicles
Are We There Yet?

United States Postal Service Buys 66,000 Electric Vehicles

Grant Harrell - January 4, 2023

The United States Postal Service is purchasing 66,000 electric vehicles as they work to upgrade their fleet. The entire purchase will bring 106,000 new vehicles to the fleet by 2028.

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Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? Advancing Driver Safety and Savings Through Data and AI

Grant Harrell - November 9, 2022

InsurTech 2.0 brings next-level promise in digital capabilities for the insurance industry, and thats a good thing.

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