The HIGHEST-FLYING Conference of the Year, 2022 NBAA BACE

May 1, 2023
Grant Harrell

Every year there is one place to find all of the cutting-edge technology leading the business aviation space: The NBAA BACE Conference. This annual event, hosted this year in Orlando, Florida, is truly the epicenter of exciting things happening in business aviation. Every company and industry leader were at this year’s premier event, showcasing new aviation projects, corporate travel products and technologies, personal and business jets offerings, cutting-edge engine technologies, innovative aircraft manufacturers, interior innovations, and much more!

It was a fantastic event this year, the 75th anniversary of the NBAA Conference in fact, and for those not able to attend, we’ve got you covered!  Grant Harrell, Host of “Are We There Yet?”, made the journey and had plenty of insights and highlights to share!

Harrell attended many training sessions and met with hundreds of individuals within the industry, and this episode captures moments from twenty of those exciting experiences.

“I enjoyed spending some time with the International Aircraft Dealers Association and benefited from some insights about what’s happening in the world of aircraft dealers,” Harrell said. “And I also enjoyed spending time with Alder Fuels and Rolls-Royce and showcase their official announcement at this year’s NBAA event of their incredible partnership that is truly leading the way in sustainability, sustainable aircraft, and fuels.”

Some of Harrell’s takeaways from NBAA Base include:

  • The focus on sustainability in aviation
  • Exciting happenings in the VTOL space
  • Technology innovations in the aviation industry

“Affordability was another focus of this year’s conference,” Harrell said. “we often think of business aviation as just corporate jets used by billionaires, but more and more, that’s not the case, and as such, affordability was another takeaway that I had.”

Grant Harrell hosts MarketScale’s “Are We There Yet?” podcast. Harrell seeks the latest technology innovations driving the future of transportation and mobility. Through this fun, entertaining, and engaging series, Harrell seeks out the leaders and companies behind some of the most innovative players in the transportation/mobility space. Grant’s background in the automotive industry drives his passion for what lies ahead in transportation. “Are We There Yet?” is a mantra to keep pushing the boundaries of what is possible until the imagined becomes a reality.

Ed Bolen, NBAA’s President and CEO, recently shared NBAA’s priorities for safety, security, sustainability, innovations, and talent development to advance the future of aviation during a panel at the FAA’s Annual Global Leadership Meeting. As part of this overall strategy, NBAA leads efforts to develop a regulatory framework to support and adopt the development of technologies such as AAM.

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