How Michigan is Working to Ensure Leadership in the Future of Mobility

September 12, 2022

Host Grant Harrell welcomed Charlie Tyson, a Technology Activation Manager under the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to Are We There Yet? to discuss Michigan’s initiatives in transportation technology. 

Michigan boasts a rich history of leadership in the automotive industry. Michigan is home to nearly 50 of the Top 100 PEC centers and twenty-six OEM automotive organizations claim Michigan as their headquarters. Speaking on Michigan’s history, Tyson said, “I think the biggest thing that is attractive for global companies seeking growth and a presence in Michigan is really our industry.” 

Michigan is continuously inspired to drive new growth, stay competitive, and play host to a plethora of mobility companies. Tyson noted, “When it comes to industry, it’s a hotbed here in Michigan, it always has been and continues to be.” With facilities readily available, including engineering and design, Michigan is a top state for mobility growth.  

With a talented workforce derived from 16 different higher education institutions, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation hopes to spur the acceleration of mobility industries in the state. Under the umbrella of the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, the Office of Future Mobility and Electrification has introduced two grants for the mobility sector.  

One of many initiatives, these grants specifically engage mobility start-ups. The pilot grant is made for real-world deployment, while the test site deployment grant works to build a network of facilities throughout the state, which can be used by companies to validate products before market. “We know that we need to support start-ups that are working on, let’s say, drones, or maritime, for example, or off-road vehicles,” explained Tyson. 

The Michigan office remains positive about its role in future mobility innovations. Tyson reflected, “There’s really nothing more rewarding than working with an entrepreneur, seeing them become successful, reaching key milestones, and being there to support along the way.”  

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