Are We There Yet? | Cisco

November 17, 2023
Grant Harrell


In the transportation/mobility space, reliance on connectivity and security is critical to ensure reliability and safety, making conversations about how technology is reshaping transportation more relevant than ever. As the industry looks towards a future where vehicles are not just modes of transport but sophisticated nodes in a broader network of connectivity and security, the stakes are high. With Cisco’s investment in the digital infrastructure of transportation and Ford’s mammoth $50 billion commitment by 2026, the implications for industry and personal mobility are profound.

What does the future of transportation look like when every aspect of mobility is connected? How will this reshape our daily commutes, cities, and environmental footprint? These questions surrounding connectivity and security in transportation/mobility take center stage on Are We There Yet?

In this episode, host Grant Harrell invites Wes Sylvester, the Worldwide Vice President for the Industry Solutions Group at Cisco, to dive into the transformative role of technology in mobility. They discuss how connectivity can enhance safety, the importance of security in an increasingly networked world, and the role of Cisco in powering these changes.

Key points of their conversation include:

  • The integration of Cisco’s technologies in making roadways safer and vehicles smarter
  • The necessity of connectivity and security for the functionality and safety of transport systems
  • How Cisco’s partnership with Ford is advancing the infrastructure for digitally connected vehicles

Wes Sylvester brings a wealth of knowledge from his background in the utility space and his 12 years at Cisco. His role involves bridging the gap between technology and practical industry solutions, and he is instrumental in Cisco’s leadership within transportation and mobility.

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