Are We There Yet? | Blue Hawaiian Helicopters and Activities

November 17, 2023
Grant Harrell


As travel and tourism evolve, unique experiences like helicopter tours have become more than just adventures; they’re integral to the fabric of destination storytelling. In Hawaii, a place synonymous with natural beauty and the aloha spirit, helicopter tours offer unparalleled views and emotional connections to the landscape. Amidst this backdrop, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters & Activities stands out.

What does it truly mean to experience Hawaii from the skies? Are We There Yet? host Grant Harrell invites Quentin Koch, the President-CEO of Blue Hawaiian Helicopters & Activities, to discuss the transformative experiences their tours offer.

The show delves into the essence of Blue Hawaiian Helicopters & Activities, revealing how they’ve encapsulated the aloha spirit in their service since 1985. The episode touches on their exceptional safety standards, welcoming hospitality, and educational and emotional depth. Koch’s journey from a high school graduate to a leader in aviation emphasizes his deep connection to Hawaii and passion for showcasing its wonders.

Highlights from Harrell and Koch’s conversation include:

  • Blue Hawaiian’s commitment to quality and safety, underscored by their receipt of the FAA’s Certificate of Excellence Diamond Award since 1997
  • The inclusive nature of their tours, catering to individuals of all ages and backgrounds, not just tourists but also residents
  • The company’s pivot during the wildfires to provide critical support to aid the Maui community, exemplifying their role beyond tourism

Quentin Koch brings a wealth of experience to his role, with over 20 years in the aviation industry. His education at Hawaii Pacific University laid the foundation for a global career that eventually led him back to Hawaii, where he combines his love for aviation with his passion for the islands.

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