Phantom Auto | Remote Operation for Logistics Vehicles, Are We There Yet?

December 11, 2023
Grant Harrell


Remote operation for logistics vehicles sounds like a futuristic dream, but when dreams become reality, the future quickly morphs into the present.

The logistics industry is undergoing a seismic shift thanks to groundbreaking technologies like remote operation for logistics vehicles. Phantom Auto, a leader in this space, is at the forefront of this transformation. They have developed a system that allows for the remote control of logistics vehicles, addressing critical issues like labor shortages and operational efficiency. This innovation is not just a concept; it’s a reality being implemented in warehouses and distribution centers, reshaping the future of logistics.

So, how is Phantom Auto’s remote operation technology changing the logistics landscape, and what does this mean for the industry’s future? This question is particularly relevant as businesses worldwide grapple with labor shortages and seek more efficient, safe, and flexible logistics solutions.

Welcome to Are We There Yet, hosted by Grant Harrell. In this episode, Harrell peeks into the fascinating world of remote operation for logistics vehicles with Ryan Clifford, VP of Sales, and Sam Hyman, Head of Remote Operations at Phantom Auto. They discuss how their technology is revolutionizing the logistics industry by enabling remote control of vehicles, enhancing safety, and addressing labor shortages.

Harrell, Clifford, and Hyman’s conversation includes the following:

  • Insights on how Phantom Auto’s technology is being actively used in logistics operations, allowing remote control of vehicles from thousands of miles away
  • How this remote operation technology addresses labor shortages and operational inefficiencies in logistics, offering a flexible and innovative solution
  • The potential of remote operation technology in shaping the future of logistics, emphasizing its scalability and adaptability to various environments

With a career spanning various technologies in supply chain and logistics, Ryan Clifford brings a wealth of industry knowledge to Phantom Auto. His experience includes working with autonomous mobile robots and transportation logistics, making him a key player in Phantom Auto’s growth. Sam Hyman’s background in robotics and transition from deployment to heading remote operations at Phantom Auto showcases his expertise in implementing cutting-edge technology in practical, real-world scenarios.

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