Semi-Related: The Next Big Thing for the Logistics Industry is Advanced Transportation Management Systems

September 19, 2023
Chris Torrence

The freight and logistics industry is undergoing a transformative shift, blending decades-old practices with cutting-edge technology. This dynamic blend provides more than just digital surface. It will change the way goods are moved too, offering some challenges and opportunities. Whether companies own assets or opt for third-party solutions, there is a growing need for specialized software. And this software can optimize the entire supply chain, offering not just visibility but also collaborative tools for stakeholders.

With more than 30 years in the industry, Turvo’s Vice President of Innovation, Jeff Graan, offers some much needed insights into this evolving landscape. He sat down with host and Optym Chief Strategy Officer, Chris Torrence, sharing how technology like Transportation Management Systems (TMS) are meeting demands for efficiency and collaboration in new ways.

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