How One Trucking Company Is Focused on Making Headway in Sustainability

CEO of Detmar Logistics, Matthew Detmar, has the future on his mind. As a leader on the cutting edge of transportation technology, Detmar discusses the company’s growth and future outlook with Are We There Yet? host Grant Harrell.

In 2021, Detmar trucking was awarded the Top Green Fleet award, signalling a shift in the outlook for green trucking companies. Detmar Logistics, founded by Detmar himself, focuses on providing trucking utilities that are EV or hybrid technologies. While the trucking industry isn’t quite there yet on providing negative carbon emissions, Detmar noted that they are well on their way.

For instance, the Hypertruck ERX offers an extended range and onboard recharging, “It uses…onboard natural gas power points,” Detmar said, “Its a full electric compulsion technology.”

Trends in the oil and gas industry show efracks taking over, powered mainly by natural gas. To meet this changing damage, Detmar met with Hyliion, an electrical vehicle transition company, which helped them to adopt hybrid EX packages on the Diesels, “They’ve been a phenomenal partner…it’s all a win-win,” noted Detmar.

As one of the first adopters in the trucking industry, Detmar Logistics has pushed the boundaries of traditional logistics in order to provide a better outlook for future generations.

“The world is adapting to lowering green house gas emissions…it’s a better approach for the future of our planet,” said Detmar, while noting that transportation and trucking is a cyclical employment.

“We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs but we are solidifying our customer base to keep us around for long term so we can continue to provide our customers good alternative food and electrocation solutions on the class-age trucking side of things,” highlighted Detmar.

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