Are We There Yet? | The Battery Show & Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo 2023

October 4, 2023
Grant Harrell


The electric and hybrid vehicle industry is at a pivotal moment. With the global push towards sustainability and a reduction in the industry’s carbon footprint, the demand for both efficient and powerful batteries within EV technology is at an all-time high. Recent studies show that US demand for batteries grew by 80% in 2022. So what are the latest advancements in battery technology, and how are they shaping the future of electric and hybrid vehicles? And what does this surge mean for the future of transportation?

The latest episode within MarketScale’s transportation/mobility-focused video podcast series, Are We There Yet?, aims to answer many of these important questions as Host Grant Harrell visits the Battery Show and Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo in Novi, Michigan, where more than 800 companies showcased their innovations in EV technology . This episode features a host of guests from the show floor, including Dr. John Warner from American Battery Solutions, Ed Shaffer of Advanced Battery Concepts, and many more. Key highlights from this powerful episode include:

-The significance of the Battery Show and Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo and its impact on the industry

-A closer look at the innovations that are set to revolutionize the electric and hybrid vehicle market

-Exclusive insights from industry-leading companies on their latest products and technologies, featuring interviews from the exhibition floor from:

American Battery Solutions

Advanced Battery Concepts

Danecca Limited




Electro Rent

DSA Systems

Lord Corporation/Parker Hannifin
TE Connectivity

Informa’s The Battery Show and Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo is North America’s premier event dedicated to the battery and electric vehicle industries. It serves as a convergence point for industry professionals, showcasing the latest innovations and technologies under one roof. The recent expo in Novi, Michigan witnessed record-breaking attendance, with over 19,000 participants and 800 companies presenting their cutting-edge products and solutions.

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