Automotive Hall of Fame: The “Untold Stories” of the Automotive Industry’s Trailblazers

November 1, 2023
Grant Harrell


In a rapidly evolving automotive landscape, reminiscing the past and honoring the industry’s pioneers pays tribute and draws inspiration for the future. The Automotive Hall of Fame, nestled in Dearborn, Michigan, is a testament to this ethos, encapsulating the chronicles of individuals who propelled the motor vehicle industry forward. With the automotive sector at the cusp of a monumental shift towards electric and autonomous vehicles, the hall acknowledges past triumphs crucial for fostering innovation. As Sarah Cook, the President of the Automotive Hall of Fame, and Jonathon Husby, the Chair of the Board of Directors, escort viewers through the hallways of history, the question echoing through the corridors is, “Are we there yet?”

In this episode of Are We There Yet? host Grant Harrell embarks on a voyage through the illustrious Automotive Hall of Fame with Cook, and Husby. This walkthrough of automotive history unfurls the tapestry of accomplishments by some of the automotive industry’s most influential figures, linking the past to the present and future of mobility.

This tour of the Automotive Hall of Fame includes:

  • Celebrating recent inductees like Mary Barra, Fred Bauer, and others, recognizing their indelible marks on the industry
  • Unveiling overlooked stories such as that of McKinley Thompson, one of the first Black designers at Ford Motor Company
  • A spotlight on automotive innovators like Takeo Fujisawa, the Co-Founder of Honda

Sarah Cook, spearheading the Automotive Hall of Fame, has been pivotal in orchestrating educational programs and initiatives to keep the legacy of automotive pioneers alive. Alongside her, Jonathon Husby is the Chair of the Board of Directors. Both are committed to being the stewards of the industry’s rich history while inspiring the new wave of automotive innovators.

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