The Most Exciting International Space Event of the Year

August 17, 2022
Grant Harrell

Looking up the skies has always been a subject of human fascination but with the advancements of technology, it can now be the subject of exploration, economy, and interaction. Speaking on the importance of space as a business frontier, host of Are We There Yet? Grant Harrell invited Altair Enterprise co-founders Martynas Fedotovas and Nika Chinchaladze to the show.

Altair Enterprises is the organizing chair of the International Space Convention 2022, hosted September 9-11, 2022 in Bursa, Turkey. When asked about the current condition of a completed space economy, Chinchaladze was frank, “I don’t believe, actually, that we will ever be able to say that we are there yet.”

Yet, outlook for the 21st century of space exploration and economy is strong, much stronger than the previous century, and Chinchaladze was quick to point out, “It’s finally getting this traction that it deserves…We see a lot of changes with the private revolution that led to that.” As hosts of the ISC 2022, Fedotovas and Chinchaladze are aware of the influence had on thousands of companies to realize the value of outer space.

Chinchaladze explained, “And now, space economy, as we speak today, comprises of over 10,000 private companies in the industry. It employs over 1 million people and the economy itself, it’s recently actually reached over $465 billion U.S. dollars – the global annual revenue, and it’s expected to skyrocket to $1 trillion by 2040.”

Through hosting this convention, Altair hopes to boost the industry’s conversation about outer space’s future and solve space professionals’ supply problem. Fedotovas said, “We’re not here to put notches on the belt…But we want to create the change and that’s what we decided to do the International Space Convention.”

As a first edition in the region, the International Space Convention creates conversation on the workforce and business models in the Caucasus area. Fedotovas stated, “We’re covering the region and plus, on top of that, we have unique B2B and B2C opportunities.”

With a host of services and applications ready for their chance in outer space, the ISC will be the confluence of upstream and downstream conversations for the outer space sector.

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