Shell Starship 3.0—Sustainability in the Heavy Transport Sector, Are We There Yet?

June 21, 2023
James Kent


What does the Shell Starship 3.0 initiative mean for the overall sustainability goals of the heavy transport sector? A lot!  In fact, Shell is very much in the driver’s seat of the industry’s integration of clean transportation technologies and move towards sustainability.

The transport sector is one of the significant contributors to global carbon emissions. In particular, the heavy transport sector, which includes large trucks and other commercial vehicles, is a considerable part of this issue. The International Energy Agency reports that heavy-duty vehicles represent only 5% of the total vehicle stock but contribute over 40% of CO2 emissions. The question then arises: can the industry decarbonize the heavy transport sector? Are we there yet?

Since 2018, Shell has been showcasing its commitment to decarbonization through the Shell Starship initiative, and the new Starship 3.0 is a testament to this commitment. Equipped with the latest vehicle technology, Shell Starship 3.0 is powered by renewable natural gas (RNG) and features best-in-class technologies to decarbonize the heavy transport sector.

Within the recent Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo 2023, Are We There Yet’s Grant Harrell got to climb into the cab of the Shell Starship 3.0 truck, and discussed the initiative with project leaders, Selda Gunsel, President of Shell Global Solutions, and Ryan Manthiri, Project Leader for Shell Global Solutions.  Within this exciting conversation and episode, Gunsel and Manthiri share more about the Shell Starship 3.0 Initiative, show some of the incredible technologies and products integrated within the truck, and release some exciting project updates.

This look at the Shell Starship 3.0 initiative includes the following:

  • The Shell Starship 3.0 initiative and its commitment to decarbonizing the transport industry
  • The technologies incorporated in the Shell Starship 3.0 truck, including its renewable natural gas engine and low rolling resistant tires
  • The upcoming demonstration runs of the Shell Starship 3.0 truck, which will showcase its capabilities in real-world conditions

Selda Gunsel is the President of Shell Global Solutions. She leads a global team of scientists and engineers to drive innovation and technology leadership in advanced product technologies. These technologies aim to improve efficiency, promote sustainability, and enable the transition to a low-carbon future. She has been instrumental in developing the Shell Starship Initiative since its inception in 2018.

Ryan Manthiri, Project Leader for Shell Global Solutions, is an engineer manager for the Starship project. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in heavy transport, with a particular focus on energy efficiency and sustainable technologies.

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