Flying Over Water: Exploring eFoil Technology with Lift Foils’ CEO, Nick Leason

May 30, 2023
Grant Harrell

With technological advancements permeating every corner of business and leisure, even the domain of extreme sports is part of that equation. Surfing, a popular water sport, is evolving to provide a unique, adrenaline-pumping experience – the eFoil. eFoils, or electric hydrofoil surfboards, are turning heads in the industry and beyond. Lift Foils, a brand dominating the global eFoil market, is spearheading this change and is the original creator of this technology. In March of this year, Lift Foils unveiled its latest product, the LIFT4 eFoil.

So, what is eFoiling, and why is it gaining so much traction today? Is flying over water on a surfboard genuinely possible?

In this exciting episode of Are We There Yet?, host Grant Harrell sought to answer these questions with his conversation with Nick Leason, Co-Founder and CEO of Lift Foils. The discussion spans Leeson’s journey, eFoiling, and the genesis and growth of Lift Foils.

Key points from Harrell and Leason’s discussion include:

  • Nick’s connection with water sports and how it led to the creation of Lift Foils
  • An explanation of what e-foiling is and the unique experience it offers
  • The inception and evolution of Lift Foils from a small operation to a globally recognized e-foil brand.

“At first, we sold our product to friends and our community,” Leason said. “It was pretty small scale. When we electrified our hydrofoils and built the eFoil, things took off into a new world because it became so much more intriguing to the population. It went viral, and I was surprised how that happened, but that’s where it jumped into a different level of a business.”

About Nick

Nick Leason, a 24-year-old engineer and surf enthusiast, co-founded Lift Foils. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, he found his love for water sports at an early age. A mechanical engineering degree and a passion for physics, combined with an obsession with flight, led to the creation of Lift Foils. Today, Lift Foils is a leading name in e-foil technology, with its fourth-generation luxury watercraft set to take the market by storm.

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