TERZO : The Future Of Hydraulic Power, Are We There Yet?

June 5, 2023

There is a revolution happening in transportation; the fluid power revolution!  To better understand this revolution, Are We There Yet? series Host, Grant Harrell, speaks with Zach Lindsley, National Sales Manager at Terzo Power Systems, a company at the forefront of this important revolution.

What does the fluid power revolution look like?  Terzo explains that it looks like “more power, lower cost, energy savings, plug-and-play systems, little downtime, and easy maintenance and repair”.  And even more exciting, Terzo shares that it’s the future, and it’s now!

Within this revolutionary episode, Harrell and Lindsley discuss the importance of fluid power in the context of vehicle electrification, and the need for more efficient systems. Zach explains that while many people believe electrification will replace hydraulics, fluid power will still play a crucial role due to its power density and shock absorption capabilities. Lindsley mentions an example of a Bobcat skid steer that replaced hydraulics with electromechanical actuators, but Zach questions its durability and efficiency compared to hydraulics. Terzo aims to develop hydraulic systems that combine the benefits of hydraulics with power on demand, improving efficiency and performance. The main application of Terzo’s products is electrohydraulic steering, particularly in off-highway equipment and auxiliary functions in electric vehicles. Harrell and Lindsley further discuss different vehicle types, such as school buses and last-mile delivery vehicles, where Terzo’s technology is being successfully implemented. The conversation also touches on the advantages of Terzo’s products, including packaging, integration of pressure sensors for monitoring, and future plans for implementing AI for predictive maintenance.

The episode also touches upon exciting developments in clean transportation, including a shift toward fuel cell and hybrid technologies, as well as a multi-fuel generator setup by Hyliion. The podcast concludes with a discussion about the ongoing clean transportation movement and the opportunities it presents in terms of technological advancements and environmental impact.

Terzo Power Systems was founded by mechanical engineer Mike Terzo to push the technology envelope in the fluid power industry with an innovative new electric hydraulic pump and bring a new level of simple, compact, and energy efficient technology to the market. Terzo Power Systems is backed by decades of innovation and iteration. Terzo has revolutionized the fluid power industry, building electrified power solutions that meet the needs of today’s rapidly evolving industries. The clear advantage of electrifying power systems has invigorated the Terzo team to continue pushing the technology envelope in the fluid power industry.

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