Is the Sharing Economy Viable in Commercial Trucking?


Are We There Yet? host Grant Harrell knows the ins and outs of the transportation industry are not always streamlined. Under James Eberhard, Founder and CEO of Fluid Truck, this is changing.

Fluid Truck does something no one else in the industry does: offers 24/7 commercial truck sharing through their innovative platform. Operating in over 45 cities, Fluid Truck helps businesses get the truck they need, when they need it.

Working with a large variety of companies, Eberhard said, “We allow them to hope onto our platform, get the truck they need, to go out there and do the job.”

Before Fluid, many businesses owned their own fleets of vehicles, which was more costly and time-consuming than outsourcing to Fluid. Now, working with Fluid Trucks, users can download an app, “You hop on our app, you set up an account, it takes a minute to set up your account, and from there you can see all the trucks around you. You get on the app, you book it, and you go out to the vehicle, unlock it through our application, you go through a very short inspection process and you’re on the road using that truck,” explained Eberhard.

The trucks can be used for hours, days, or even weeks, allowing the customers flexibility throughout the process.

Fluid Trucks can even be used for moving utilities or home project renovations for personal use, allowing true flexibility across the board.

Fluid Trucks also boasts an amazing fleet of EV trucks to choose from outside of the traditional, Eberhard said, “You’re eliminating stopping at a gas station, you’re eliminating a lot of the downtime you see off of commercial vehicles, and it really is just that better, overall experience.”

With the rise of sustainable practices on many businesses and consumers minds, Fluid Truck is certain to introduce a new era of the transportation model.

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