Instant Delivery Technology Unleashed: Ben James Reveals Game-Changing Logistics on ‘Are We There Yet?’

November 17, 2023
Grant Harrell


In an era where instant delivery technology has become the norm, the race to further accelerate the pace of receiving goods is on. The concept of getting products almost immediately after ordering is no longer a fantasy but a potential reality, thanks to groundbreaking advancements in logistics technology. With consumers and businesses alike craving faster delivery solutions, the stakes in the logistics industry have never been higher. 

But how close are we to achieving this ultra-fast delivery dream? Can the future of logistics truly deliver on the promise of receiving goods almost instantaneously? 

On the latest episode of MarketScale’s “Are We There Yet?” podcast series, host Grant Harrell engages in a fascinating conversation with Ben James, Co-Founder & CEO of Tubular Network. They delve into the innovative concept of Tubular Network’s “hyperlogistics,” and its potential to revolutionize the way we receive goods. 

  •  The evolution of delivery speeds from days to hours and the potential for further reduction.
  • Tubular Network’s unique approach to logistics and its impact on delivery times.
  • The practicality and challenges of implementing such advanced delivery systems. 

Ben James, a visionary entrepreneur, mad scientist, and dedicated father, co-founded Tubular Network and serves as its CEO. His innovative approach to logistics has positioned Tubular Network at the forefront of the industry, earning recognition for its groundbreaking work in transforming delivery systems. 

Article written by Janelle Bombalier.

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